Want visitors to walk in your house and go, "ooh, this feels thick and soft"?Then Plushwalk is for you! Plushwalk makes your carpets feel super soft underfoot by using memory foam. It features 2 plastic backings to ensure durability, longevity and helping reduce airborne noise.   Being that bit thicker it feels superior to other popular brands such as Cloud 9 and Tredaire. Plushwalk is also denser than Cloud 9 & Tredaire increasing its Sound Reduction & TOG rating properties. It’s suitable for all types of floors including concrete, wood, asphalt and many more! Note: Some eBay sellers are selling cheap foam with no backings on (see their pictures) - Plushwalk is a branded very high quality underlay with 2 PE backings including a Damp Proof Membrane.  Specifications: Thickness: 8mm, 10mm or 12mm Sound Reduction:Plushwalk 12mm = 48db approx.                            Plushwalk 10mm = 44db approx.                            Plushwalk  8mm  = 37db approx. Thermal TOG:     Plushwalk 12mm 3.3 TOG approx.                           Plushwalk 10mm 3.0 TOG approx                           Plushwalk   8mm 2.3 TOG approx Guarantee: Lifetime of the carpetComfort Rating: 6*

Plushwalk 12mm 15sq mtr roll POA

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